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From a small farm to a hotel

It all began years ago with a small agricultural business and several cows, pigs and hens. In the 1960s a small greenhouse was built on this farm.

The greenhouse was expanded in the year 1977. At this time Grandad Ruf exchanged larger land properties with smaller plots of land and purchased further land in order to centralize the estate. This is where vegetables were cultivated over years. A considerable business had been established which was run by two generations.

Over the course of time, however, the area became too small to be economically viable and therefore other considerations were made of how the future of the following generations could look like. As no current family member could pursue the business of growing vegetables it was decided that the daughter who was working in the tourist industry would establish a hotel on the land. 

The Island of Reichenau is characterised by growing vegetables and viniculture but also by fishing. The fisherman on the picture was August Riebel, the father of Grandmother Ruf and therefore Nadine Staiger’s great grandad.  >> More about the host family of the mein inselglück

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