The greenhouses are history

A piece of land for the future

On the ground, where greenhouses once stood….

On the ground, where greenhouses once stood…. The story of Mein Inselglück beginns. In other words, the greenhouses are history. Exactly one year ago the bulldozers pulled everything down in order to build the new hotel.

My mother who grew up in a farming family found it difficult to adjust to the change. However, the greenhouses have been knocked down for a good reason – in order to make room for a new hotel.

We are happy to welcome so many guests in our new hotel Mein Inselglück.

Nadine Staiger

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mein inselglück
Abt-Berno-Straße 3, D-78479 Insel Reichenau
Tel.: +49 (0) 7534 / 99 55 96 0 | Fax: +49 (0) 7534 / 99 55 96 99,
Gesetzlicher Vertreter: Sylvia Deggelmann und Nadine Staiger GbR | MWSt.-Nr.: UID: DE288418185 | Sitz des Unternehmens: D-78479 Insel Reichenau

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