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Reichenau – the holiday and vegetable island

Hundreds of poplars form a line for you when you arrive at the Monastic Island. The dam which was built up in 1838 is 1,300 meters long and represents the entrance gate to the island. The Reichenau Island is 4.5 kilometers long and 1,5 kilometers wide with a total surface of 4.3 square kilometers. The Reichenau is the largest of three islands at Lake Constance (before the islands Lindau and Mainau). Get more information about the Reichenau Island. Or watch the Reichenau Island on your computer. Click here.

The dam is lined with reeds which have been put under conservation. And it is no illusion that you immediately have a holiday feeling when you drive along the dam and reach the hotel mein inselglück – smelling tasty herbs and vegetables and letting your gaze wander over Lake Constance into the distance.

The nature has a positive effect on the Reichenau Island. Lake Constance supports a temperature balance for the whole year and the foehn wind guarantees more days of unbroken sunshine than average. That is ideal for holiday and daily guests – but particularly for the growing of vegetables with up to three outdoor harvests each year. You find further information on the webpage of Reichenau-Gemüse eG.

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